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Basler Electric teams with E Squared to provide power plant excitation retrofits

June 2, 2003 — Basler Electric and E Squared Power Systems Inc. (E2PSI) have formed an alliance to provide complete turnkey power plant excitation retrofits.

Teamed together, the two companies will utilize the expertise of E2PSI’s Engineering Services and On-Site Project Management Experience and Basler Electric’s Digital Excitation Systems, Power System Stabilizer and Protective Relays to provide a complete customer solution for Power Plants in need of upgrades for aging equipment.

E Squared Power Systems, Inc. has been providing Electrical Engineering Services in the Power Generation, Distribution and Controls Market for more than 17 years. Their areas of expertise include Electrical System Design, Generating System Upgrades, Generating System Maintenance, Appraisal Testing, and Consulting.

E2PSI also has a wide range of on-site Management experience in construction Management, Demolition and Installation, Technical Direction Startup and Testing Services, Safety Appraisals, Third Party Technical Representation, and Technical Training Services.

Basler Electric has designed and manufactured products for the Power industry for more than 60 years and developed the first solid-state voltage regulator, the SRA, in 1959. A few years later, Basler migrated to solid-state technology for Protective Relays and today has evolved to producing Digital Excitation Control Systems (DECS), Power System Stabilizers and Multi-function Numeric Relay Systems as well as Automatic Synchronizers and Custom Transformers.

The two companies have collaborated on more than 200 Digital Excitation Retrofit Projects. Working together, E2PSI and Basler have designed Direct Standard Retrofit Packages for SCT- PPT and Alterrex Voltage Regulator Systems.

E2PSI can provide the up front system design interface/engineering, and technical direction for demolition and installation of equipment, start-up, commissioning and training services using Basler Electric equipment. Power Plants with aging Excitation and Regulator Systems often have problems associated with spare parts obsolescence and systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

The Turnkey Retrofit Solution offered by this alliance gives the Power Plant Owners the option of eliminating the rotary exciter and exciting the main field, which improves the reliability, reduces maintenance, improves efficiency and improves the generator performance and power system stability.

Alternatively, the DECS-300 can be applied to the exciter shunt field of the rotating exciter. In either application the DECS system has increased features capability, improves controls, streamlines start up to minimize time to synchronize on line and provides communication capability through Modbus.

Many of the Basler DECS-300 retrofit solutions have included Amplidyne, SCPT, GFA, GDA, Silco, BJ30, Silverstat, TRA, Magastat, Rototrol, PRX, Trinistat WDR, Mag-a-Trinistat, Regulex, Thyrism, Statex, VR 60 & 40, AVR4, Portec, Unitrol, and others.