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American Superconductor’s power converters to be used in Royal Navy application

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., May 20, 2003 — American Superconductor Corp. said its new PM1000 PowerModule™ power converter line will be used by Calnetix, a provider of high speed motors and generators, who will use the PM1000 in a 2 MW shipboard generator intended for use by the Royal Navy.

PM1000 power converters regulate voltage and current in high power-level applications, such as variable speed motors, motor-generator sets, wind turbines, fuel cells and power quality solutions.

The PM1000, which is the latest member of AMSC’s PowerModule power converter family, has been proven in the field, with hundreds of PowerModule power converters integrated into numerous power electronic solutions. American Superconductor’s PM1000 power converters operate with high efficiency in a very small package. PM1000 power converters are based on AMSC’s Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) technology, a highly flexible, programmable and scalable design architecture that enables them to be employed in a variety of applications.

The PM1000 is an intelligent and fully integrated, compact power converter that yields a very high power density. For a given power conversion application, the volume of a PowerModule-based solution is typically one-third the volume of other converter solutions on the market. For more information on AMSC’s PowerModule power converter product line, please see

Each of the four 2MW systems AMSC is manufacturing for Calnetix will comprise six PM1000s, filters, transformers, inductors and related equipment that efficiently regulate voltage and convert electrical current from AC to DC. Delivery of the first of four 2MW systems for Calnetix is scheduled for January 2004, with the fourth system expected to be delivered by mid-2005.

“American Superconductor’s existing product line combined with their extensive expertise in power electronic systems can help Calnetix to meet our customer’s need considering the scope of the requirements and an aggressive development schedule,” said Dr. Ali Farahani, Director of Product Development for Calnetix.

“We are very pleased that Calnetix chose American Superconductor for this Royal Navy project,” said Chuck Stankiewicz, vice president and general manager of AMSC Power Electronic Systems. “Together with our power converter and electric ship propulsion motor development for the US Navy, this contract further demonstrates that AMSC’s products and solutions are able to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding and discerning customers. The flexibility, density, and versatility of the new PM1000 redefines power conversion and enables robust solutions that can address the requirements of complex power electronic systems in a wide variety of applications, including motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and distributed generation systems, such as generator-sets and wind turbines.”

About Calnetix

Calnetix, a privately held high tech company based in California, USA, is the industry leader in high speed motors, generators, magnetic bearings, and integrated magnetic drive systems. The company’s products are utilized in distributed power generation, power conditioning, gas processing, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries worldwide.

About American Superconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: AMSC)

American Superconductor develops solutions and manufactures products to dramatically improve the cost, efficiency and reliability of systems that generate, deliver and use electric power. The company has a vertically integrated portfolio of products supported by more than 500 patents, patent applications, and licenses covering technologies fundamental to Revolutionizing the Way the World Uses Electricity™. Products from AMSC include High Temperature Superconductor wire for electric power, transportation, medical and industrial processing applications; HTS motors and generators for ship propulsion; and advanced power electronic systems that ensure the quality and reliability of electricity for residential, commercial and industrial customers. More information is available at