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ABB optimize Vattenfall power plants

12 May 2003 – ABB has won a €20m order from Swedish-based power giant, Vattenfall Europe Generation to optimize the process control systems for the Janschwalde and Boxberg power stations.

Janschwalde has six units rated at 500 MW and is one of the largest lignite fired power stations in Europe. The Boxberg lignite power station III operates two 500 MW units. The refurbishment will almost fully automate the operation of the two power stations, in addition to reducing their start-up times and improving overall cost effectiveness. The whole process is targeting a 2005 completion date.

The two other power stations, located in the Lausitz region, generate electricity by burning lignite originating in central Germany. An almost fully automatic process control system will be created by increasing the degree of automation in the remaining digital control system (DCS) and restructuring human system interface (HSI) and plant information systems (PIMS).

Separately, ABB has also secured a contract to refurbish two power stations in Ireland. The company will modernize the control system of Tarbert Power Station’s unit three, which is owned by Irish utility, Electricity Supply Board (ESB).

The 250 MW, Tarbert power station, located near the Shannon River, delivers power to roughly 50 000 MW homes. ABB will supply the complete control system for unit three, as well as revamping the turbine controller and modifying the hydraulics. The g3.8m order will produce power by 2015.