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Turbomach wins €23m combined cycle plant order

9 April 2003 – Swiss power plant builder Turbomach SA has received an order worth €23m ($24.6m) from Roche Vitamine GmbH to build a new gas and steam turbine generator plant at Grenzach-Germany. Turbomach SA is forming a consortium with the German company Standardkessel to undertake the project. An association of companies consisting of E.ON Energy Projects, Badenova AG&CO KG and Roche Vitamine will operate the plant.

The plant will guarantee the supply of steam and electricity at this site. Because of the combined cycle process and the high annual level of operation, the operator will be able to use the plant until 2010 in accordance with the Combined Generation of Heat and Electricity Law (KWK).

Turbomach’s involvement in the supply consists of the complete gas turbine plant, including the generator and its pipework.

The gas turbine installed is the RB211, manufactured by Rolls-Royce Power Engineering GB, which is one of the most powerful aeroderivative turbogenerators in its class. The plant will generate 32.120 MW of power. The exhaust gases are used to feed a steam generator, which will produce the steam for a steam turbine and for the processes of the industries on the site.

Commissioning is planned for June 2004. The order also includes a long-term maintenance contract for the gas turbogenerator by Turbomach SA.