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GE submits bid to supply Finland with Advanced BWR Reactor

8 April 2003 – General Electric Co. (GE) has submitted a proposal to Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO), the Finnish utility, to supply a nuclear power plant using advanced technology. Finland is planning to build a fifth nuclear unit and GE’s announcement today follows Framatome ANP’s bid submission last week.

GE’s plant design is based upon the proven ABWR (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor) design with improvements aimed at meeting the high safety standards of Finnish regulators and the customer’s requirements. “Our bid of ABWR is both an excellent fit for TVO as well as a reflection of our strategy and long term commitment to technology leadership in the global nuclear industry, ” said Andrew White, GE Nuclear Energy president.

“The ABWR uses the same boiling water reactor technology as TVO’s existing plants so that additional training and staffing needs will be minimal. Moreover, the ABWR design we proposed has new safety features and improvements in the technology areas of digitized control and instrumentation and modern control room. We think familiarity with the plant, improved safety, and advanced technology is the right combination for TVO.”

Steve Hucik, general manager, Nuclear Plant Projects for GE, noted that similar versions of the proposed Finnish ABWR are in operation or under construction in other major industrialized countries. Hucik also indicated that GE has contacted local Finnish companies to participate with them in this ABWR offering, and GE has pulled together a strong global team to deliver this project for TVO. Two ABWRs have accumulated 12 plant-years of operating experience for the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Construction of two more ABWRs for the Taiwan Power Company recently reached the halfway point.

“Investors and owners aren’t interested in power plant technology for its own sake. What they do want is a plant that will safely generate electricity day in and day out. Safe and reliable generation is what GE’s ABWR has to offer,” said Per Ericsson, GE’s senior executive, Nordic Region

If selected by TVO, the Finnish ABWR would be the fifth ABWR to be supplied by the experienced GE team. The ABWR has been licensed in three countries, including the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

TVO said, following the bid closure date of 31 March, that it had received sufficient tenders to allow for a competitive bid process.