Flying Canaries

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

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An engineer from the local power plant was heading home after work. Stuck behind a closed van-type truck, he noticed that when the driver stopped for a red light, he got out and pounded on the side of the truck with a baseball bat. The driver would then get back in when the light changed and move on.

The engineer watched this for about three traffic lights before his curiosity got the better of him. He worked his way over to the next lane and stopped beside the truck when the light turned red.

When the driver got out with the bat, the engineer hollered at him, “What are you beating on the truck for?”

The driver replied, “I got a 2-ton truck and 3 tons of canaries on board, so I have to keep 1 ton of them flying!”

[Submitted by Power Engineering reader Gordon Lundskow, retired cogen plant manager.]

Reader’s Challenge: If the canaries are flying, does it reduce the load on the truck or not? Think about it and send us your analysis. We will publish some of the most creative, interesting, clever and/or scientifically humorous responses in future issues. Send responses to [email protected] or [email protected]

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