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Turkey causes Seabrook security officials to lock down plant

March 24, 2003 — The Seabrook nuclear generating facility in New Hampshire on Friday briefly locked down its plant and called the FBI after an electronic monitoring device showed a “potential intruder” on its system.

The 1,158 MW plant continued full operations during the incident, which was reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as an unusual event.

In addition to the FBI, officials also notified sea coast security, New Hampshire state police and local Seabrook police.

A Seabrook security employee told the FBI he had seen a square-looking object cross his screen near the boundary of the grounds. He could not see further detail.

Plant employees immediately began looking for the intruder. One employee, doing an external check from his vehicle outside the enclosure, reported that he saw a large wild turkey flying over his vehicle.

In the NRC report lifting the unusual event, operator FPL Energy said that the turkey was seen at about the same time and near the same location that the security employee saw the image on his screen, so it could be safely assumed that the intruder was a turkey.