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Owensboro Municipal Utilities awards Hamon Research-Cottrell large coal-fired boiler selective non-catalytic reduction DeNOx application

SOMERVILLE, NJ, March 24, 2003 — Hamon Research-Cottrell has been awarded the Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) DeNOx project to be implemented at the Elmer Smith Station (Owensboro, Kentucky), Unit 2.

The project is in the Engineering stage and is slated for implementation to the 300 MW, tangential-fired boiler plant in May 2003. “I am confident” says Rick Sereni, Manager DeNOx Systems, “that we will get excellent performance with this technology, and look forward for the unit to come on line. “

The Owensboro SNCR project is the first application resulting from a recently announced agreement between Hamon Research-Cottrell and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) to provide EMRE’s THERMAL DeNOx environmental technology. Thermal DeNOx is a selective non-catalytic NOx abatement process, based on a gas phase, homogeneous reactions between NOx in the flue gas and gaseous ammonia.

EMRE’s Thermal DeNOx technology uses a cost effective, proprietary design that has been applied to industrial and utility boilers, CO boilers, process heaters, incinerators, and glass furnaces. THERMAL DeNOx has been extensively demonstrated in equipment firing such fuels as natural gas, oil, coal, petroleum coke, wood, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, chemical waste, and automobile tires.

The process has also been applied successfully to a wide variety of combustion units, including circulating and bubbling fluidized beds and stoker fired combustion units.

EMRE is the research and engineering arm of ExxonMobil, a lglobal oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals company whose subsidiaries have operations in nearly 200 countries and territories.

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The company’s legacy began when Dr. Frederick Gardner Cottrell (1877-1948) invented the first industrial electrostatic precipitator in 1907. To support scientific research, Dr. Cottrell co-founded the non-profit Research Corporation in 1912. Forty years later, Research Corporation gave rise to Research-Cottrell which was acquired by the Hamon Group in 1997.

Hamon Research-Cottrell provides innovative air pollution and thermal control equipment to a wide array of industries including power generation, pulp & paper, petrochemical, chemical, glass, cement, steel, food, and pharmaceutical. Hamon Research-Cottrell is a worldwide leading supplier of: Dry & Wet Electrostatic Precipitators; Baghouses (reverse gas, low/medium/high pressure pulse jets, COHPAC designs); Acid Gas Abatement (Dry and Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems); DeNOx Systems (SCR – catalytic, SNCR – noncatalytic); Urea to Ammonia (U2A(tm)) On-Site Generation Systems; Ash Handling Systems; Flue Gas Conditioning Systems (EPRICON); Air Toxic Controls; Dust Collection Systems; Regenerative Type Air Preheaters and Gas-to-Gas Heat Exchangers.

Solutions to the inevitable challenges of process changes, the demands of new regulations, equipment upkeep, and efficiency are met with turnkey services that include Engineering Services (Fabrication, Construction, Project Management), Field Services (Inspections, Rebuilds, Upgrades, Retrofits, Emergency Repairs, Outage Maintenance), Consulting Services (Evaluation Studies, Seminars & Workshops, Trouble-Shooting, Problem Solving) and a Technical Center (Applied Research, Laboratory Testing, Fluid Dynamics, Gas Flow Modeling Studies.)

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