Adica organizes training on WASP-IV and GTMAX for the Philippine Department of Energy

March 24, 2003 — With funding from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Chubu Electric Power Co. was awarded a technical consulting contract to support “Capacity Building for Generation Expansion Planning in the Philippines.”

Under this project, Chubu enlisted the services of Adica Consulting to provide lectures, training material, and technical assistance for a three-week training course titled “Intensive Training Course on Generation Planning Using WASP-IV and GTMAX,” held in Manila during the month of February 2003.

In organizing this course, Adica provided training on the following issues:

• Economic and Financial Principles of Competitive Electricity Markets
• Competitive Spot Market Design, Rules and Prices
• Transmission & Prices in Competitive Markets: Congestion and Locational Prices
• Price volatility and option analysis in Electricity Markets
• Power Exchange Organizations, ISO, and RTO and Transmission Tariffs
• Contract Pricing, Merchant Pricing, and Other Financial Arrangements
• Firm Transmission Rights and Congestion Hedging
• Overview of Ancillary Service Markets and Settlement Process
• Capacity Valuation, Risk Analysis and Project Financing
• Stranded Investment ad Long-term prices
• Market Power, Bidding Strategies and Lessons Learned

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