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Alstom wins Hungarian plant refurbishment contract

21 March 2003 – Alstom has been awarded two contracts, together worth approximately €23m ($24.3m), for the total plant refurbishment of the Tisza power plant. This 4 x 215 MWe plant, owned by AES, is located in Tiszaújváros, 180 km from Budapest, Hungary.

The scope of the first contract covers the major overhaul and lifetime extension of all four steam turbines, their feedwater pumps, the 257 MVA generators and their auxiliaries. The second contract covers the major overhaul of the balance of plant equipment, including the cooling water system.

The units will be shut down individually in a 4-month sequence, the first outage being in September 2003 and the final re-commissioning in December 2004.

The goal of the project is to secure the reliable operation of the steam power plant until 2016 and to meet European Union environmental standards. The project is being split into seven individual packages and financed by a bank consortium led by Credit Lyonnais and secured by a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with the Hungarian Power Companies Ltd.

The two contracts came into force on 30 December 2002 and represent Alstom’s biggest service contract ever obtained in Hungary. The project will use the resources of four different Alstom Power Service workshops in Eastern Europe.