Meidensha to develop Japanese wind farms

19 March 2003 – Japan’s Meidensha Corp. is planning to build its own wind power systems in order to develop wind power projects.

Up until now, the company has mainly focused on the sale of imported wind-powered generators. But a new law comes into effect in April requiring power companies to make use of alternate energy sources. Meidensha intends to tap into the anticipated demand by building large-scale wind-powered plants and selling the electricity to power companies.

Specifically, Meidensha plans to invest roughly 9bn yen ($75 million) during fiscal 2003 to construct two wind-powered plants, one in Akita Prefecture with a power output of 37.5 MW and the other in Aomori Prefecture with a power output of 18 MW. Both facilities will be built by using 1.5 MW-class wind-powered generators. The combined power output of 55.5 MW will be enough electricity to supply some 30 000 homes.

Meidensha will bid to supply electricity to Tohoku Electric Power Co. in August. The goal is to begin operating the wind-powered plants in the spring of 2005.

The company is also planning the construction of wind-powered plants in Hokkaido and Kyushu during fiscal 2004.

Meidensha is working on a small-scale wind-powered plant with a total output of 3 MW in Chiba Prefecture. That plant is scheduled to begin operating in December.