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Heat PlusPower™ systems shipped to U.S. utility

CALGARY, March 11, 2003 — Three 60/30 Heat PlusPower™ systems were shipped from Mariah Energy Corp.’s development facility in Calgary, Alberta, to U.S. utility Xcel Energy in Minnesota on February 12th, 2003. Two systems will recover waste gas to generate on-site heat and power for a wastewater treatment plant, and the third system will supply electricity and domestic hot water for a multi-family housing complex.

Mariah Energy Corp., a distributed micro-utility company, manufactures Clean Heat PlusPower (CHP) systems. These microturbine-based systems combine the functions of a continuous-use hot water heating system and on-site power generator. Two sizes are presently available – the 60/30 Heat PlusPower system provides 60 kW of continuous heat and up to 30 kW of electric power and the 120/60 Heat PlusPower system has double the capacity of its smaller cousin.

The two newest installations at the wastewater treatment plant and multi-family housing complex are opening up new markets for Mariah Energy’s Heat PlusPower technology. The potential for wastewater treatment plant installations is significant, as these facilities are able to recover waste gas to fuel the systems which in turn generate heat and electricity.

The wastewater treatment plant currently burns most, if not all, of the gas in boilers for hot water production. The multi-family housing complex is an excellent installation for the Heat PlusPower system as there is constant domestic hot water demand throughout the year which ensures the greatest energy and economic efficiencies are reached.

Mariah Energy’s partnership with U.S. Utility Xcel Energy began last year and these last three orders bring the total systems purchased by the utility to eleven.

One 60/30 Heat PlusPower system and a 30kW Capstone turbine have been installed in a gas plant, and four 30kW Capstone turbine have been installed in a potato processing plant, both in Minnesota.

Two additional systems were ordered by the utility in the first quarter of 2003. A 60/30 system has been ordered for a health club facility, and a 120/60 system will be going into a school.