State pushes for Dabhol re-start

7 March 2003 – The chief minister of the Indian State of Maharashtra has said that he is pressing ahead with efforts to re-start the stalled Dabhol power plant in order to address an electricity shortfall in the region.

Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told a PTI reporter that Congress-led Democratic Front Government is making all efforts to re-start the troubled Dabhol Power Project in coastal Konkan. “During a recent visit to New Delhi, I have requested the Federal Finance Minister Jaswant Singh to expedite the process of re-starting the Dabhol Power Project”.

Shinde said he has asked the Federal Finance Minister to personally look into the matter concerning the 2184 MW project, currently with the Mumbai High Court receiver on behalf of the Industrial Development Bank of India.

Asked about the federal government’s communication requesting the state government to amend the terms and references of the Kurdukar Commission, probing the Enron deal, Shinde said: “We are deliberating over the matter. I am
consulting my colleagues.”