Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. wins Ontario Power Generation damper contract from Babcock & Wilcox Canada

Feb. 28, 2003 — Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. (BDI) of Pointe Claire (Montreal), Quebec has been selected as the preferred supplier for the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) multi-port isolation damper systems for “Nanticoke” and “Lambton” SCR projects.

Two “SCR” units are being supplied and installed by Babcock & Wilcox Canada in each of the OPG Nanticoke and Lambton electric generation stations.

Bachmann Dampjoint Inc.’s damper models “DSDS” and “SSSS” were selected for it’s advanced state of the art features and details to maximize isolation efficiently and optimum performance at competitive capital and operating costs. This particular Damper scheme provides total flue gas isolation possibilities of the SCR units when needed .

In the 1990’s, the engineering team of Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. headed by Brad Hilton with the guidance of Ed Bachmann, the founder of BDI, developed the unique DSDS and SSSS damper concepts to specifically address the “SCR” industry for flue gas flow diversion systems and to change the existing outdated competitors damper standards.

Ontario Power Generation is an Ontario based company, whose principal business is the generation and sale of electricity to customers in Ontario and to interconnected markets. OPG’s goal is to be a premier North American Company, while operating in a safe, open and environmentally responsible manner. OPG’s focus is on producing reliable electricity from its competitive generation assets; power trading; and commercial energy sales.

The Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. product range includes not only SCR diversion damper systems but also gas turbine exhaust systems, diverters, dampers, expansion joints, water control gates and other special flow control equipment in the comprehensive range of applications in co-generation plants, steel plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants, fossil fuel power plants, cement plants, aluminium smelters, mining companies, copper refineries, waste incineration plants and water treatment plants.

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