Sutron announces $445,000 contract with Venezuela’s CVG Edelca

STERLING, Va., Feb. 11, 2003 — Sutron announced it has received a $445,000 contract for a Meteorlogical-Hydrological Project from CVG Electrificacion del Caroni C.A. (EDELCA), the primary electricity provider in Venezuela.

Under the contract, Sutron will provide remote hydro-met stations to monitor hydropower generation in Venezuela’s Caroni Basin. The first Caroni Basin location is EDELCA’s Raul Leoni (Guri) site. With a capacity of 10,000 MW, it is considered the second most important hydroelectric station in the world.

The second EDELCA site is their 23 De Enero (Macagua) station which produces 3,080 MW of electricity. These two EDELCA installations supply 70 percent of all the electrical power used in Venezuela.

Because the principal objective of the project is real-time monitoring of remote, inaccessible sites, Sutron’s multi-satellite logger/transmitter, SatLink, is critically suited for achieving EDELCA’s goal. Data collected from Sutron’s remote stations will be transmitted by SatLink to a GOES satellite. The EDELCA’s data processing office in Macagua will receive the satellite transmission then retransmit the data by land line to the Forecast Center in Caracas. The Forecast Center makes the data available to large users for future planning, design, construction, operation and transmission of electrical power.

Sutron Corporation has a 10 year relationship with EDELCA. The Caroni Basin project is the first to utilize Sutron’s next generation Data Collection Platform which includes their 486 processor Xpert Datalogger and SatLink, Sutron’s High Data Rate GOES Transmitter/Logger.

Sutron, a supplier of real-time environmental remote monitoring and control systems, provides responsive, cost-effective solutions for environmental problems all over the world. Their extensive customer list includes many Federal Agencies, including the US Geological Survey, the National Ocean Service, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the National Weather Service.

Since 1975 Sutron designed and manufactured equipment has operated unattended under the most extreme conditions in remote, inhospitable locales. Sutron’s real-time data collection systems, over 30,000 stations in operation globally, include dataloggers, a variety of telemetry options, sensors, and data management software.