Vattenfall introduces new metering system

6 February 2003 – Vattenfall has begun the procurement of 300 000 remote electricity meters for its Swedish customers as part of an extensive customer service programme. In the first phase, 50 000 meters will be purchased, installed and commissioned during the year, the utility said Wednesday.

Vattenfall said that one of the aims of this programme is to do away with the preliminary debiting of customers. The procurement covers the supply and installation of a new metering system comprising approximately 300 000 remote electricity meters. Some 50 000 of these will be installed during 2003.

The new meters will be installed in the premises of around 300 000 house owners or other major private customers throughout Sweden. Apart from the meters themselves, equipment for communication between the meters and a central compilation and control system will also be procured.

“This marks the beginning of Vattenfall’s new customer service programme. The programme aims to make life simpler and more convenient for Vattenfall’s 900 000 customers in Sweden. Preliminary debiting and payment in advance will be done away with. Other measures include simpler invoices, simpler payment routines and new price models,” says the Project Manager, Hannu Kostiainen. “The programme is central to Vattenfall’s ambition to become number one in the eyes of the customers.”

The procurement process is being conducted in line with EU regulations, and Vattenfall’s invitation to tender has been advertised in the Official Journal. Suppliers have until 21 February to register their interest in tendering