Issue 2 and Volume 107.

Wear Protection

Conforma Clad has introduced a wear protection process specially designed for components of low NOx burners. The wear protection process uses infiltration brazing to bond tungsten carbide to the base material of a component to form a hard, uniform protective cladding. The cladding is 14 times more abrasion resistant and two times more erosion resistant than nickel chromium alloy castings. Besides protecting NOx burners, the technology is suitable for other types of burners including wall-fired, corner-fired, and cyclone-fired burners.

Conforma Clad, Inc.

Conversion Factors

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A list of over 2,280 conversion factors is now available free of charge, including postage, from Industrial Fiberglass Specialties, Inc. This handy list of conversions is helpful in converting bars of pressure to psi, acres into hectares or converting psi into in-Hg. It also includes temperature, steam, pressure and altitude tables. For a free copy contact Diana Partin 1-937-222-9020 ext 1000.

Industrial Fiberglass Specialties, Inc.

Level Float Switch

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Designed to be accurate within ±0.25 inches, level float switches from Aaliant have only one moving part. The flow switches feature high-level warning and overfill protection and are suitable for petroleum, gasoline and fuel oil tanks, and lube oil and refrigerant reservoirs. They are also used for controlling pumps, valves and for sump switching.


Inlet Air Chiller

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A new gas turbine inlet air packaged chiller is now available from AAF International. The inlet air package chiller features a McQuay centrifugal chiller with environmentally friendly HFC-134a refrigerant, pumps, controls, electric switchgear, weatherproof enclosure and interconnecting wiring and piping. Specifically engineered for the electric power industry the packaged chiller is factory engineered and assembled. Ideal for gas turbines operating in hot humid climates, the packaged chiller can be supplied for new plants or as a retrofit for older plants. The chillers are suitable for indoor or outdoor locations, and are available in sizes from 80 to 2,300 tons capacity and 50 or 60 Hz operation.

AAF International