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EGAT to offer power plants to Indonesia

17 January 2003 – The Thai Authority for Power Plants (EGAT) is considering the possibility of relocating some of its power plants to Indonesia, its governor, Sitthiporn Ratanopas, said on Thursday. “I think there is a chance here as Indonesia now needs electricity supply in a huge amount,” he told the press in a joint press conference with the Director of the state electricity company, PT PLN Eddie Widiono.

He said the Thai government was seeking to relocate some of its power plants that were no longer appropriate in the country. The plants offered are a 75 MW coal-fired power plant; a 60 MW gas turbine plant and a 75 MW steam-generated plant (PLTU).

In response to the EGAT’s plan, Widiono said PLN welcomed it, particularly because EGAT would offer competitive prices. “We have yet to negotiate in detail the prices of the power plants but for sure, they will be cheaper than those offered by the private contractors group IPP (Independent Power Producers),” he added.

He said although the power plants offered were second hand, PLN was not afraid as they would be operated fully by the EGAT. “What we are concentrating on is only the price and the certainty of supply,” he said. On the location of the plants, he said it had yet to be decided. “But we will give priority to regions which are facing electricity crisis, in particular those outside Java island,” he said.