Combined Cycle, Hydroelectric

VA Tech Hydro to renew Linz Mitte district heating plant

16 December 2002 – VA Tec Hydro’s Combined Cycle Division, has been awarded a contract worth €80m for the construction of a turnkey gas-fuelled combined cycle plant at Linz Mitte by operator LINZ AG.

The order includes engineering, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a combined gas/steam facility featuring an electrical output of approx. 100 MW, a district heating capacity of approx. 85 MW (peak load up to 150 MW), and a fuel efficiency factor of about 87 per cent. Main components include a 70 MW General Electric gas turbine, a non-fuelled waste heat boiler with catalyst (DENOX), a backpressure steam turbine as well as a district heat accumulator and two district heat peak time boilers.

VA Tech Hydro said that trial operation is scheduled to commence on October 1, 2004. After completion, the new Linz Mitte power station will ensure the supply of the majority of industrial and residential customers in Linz with district heat.

The gas-fuelled combined cycle technology is characterised by high efficiency factors primarily with respect to power/heat coupling, while capital expenditures and harmful emissions are kept at a minimum. As a result of these benefits, excellent global growth rates for gas-fuelled combined cycle plants are forecast for the deregulated power markets over the next few years.

VA Tech Hydro has recently completed two other projects – a 400 MW gas-fuelled combined cycle plant for the municipal Stadtwerke München utility in Germany as well as another 400 MW facility of the same type in Coolkeeragh, Northern Ireland.