Study to examine impact of U.S. electric industry’s regulatory and market changes on renewable energy

CHICAGO, Ill., Dec. 10, 2002 — Navigant Consulting Inc. announced Tuesday that the company is launching a comprehensive multi-client study to look at “The Changing Face of Renewable Energy–The Impact of U.S. Electric Industry Regulatory and Market Changes on Renewable Energy Technologies and Markets.”

“The renewable energy industry is undergoing dramatic change, with sustained double-digit growth for several renewable energy technologies, and an increased demand for alternative energy sources,” stated Lisa Frantzis, Director of Navigant Consulting’s Renewable and Distributed Energy practice. “Markets are thriving for some technologies while more traditional technologies are poised for new growth–driven by technological improvements, customer choice, political support for renewable technologies and new regulatory approaches. This study is designed to help companies understand how and where to take advantage of the opportunities–and avoid pitfalls–in the burgeoning renewable energy industry.”

The fee-based study will begin on January 31, 2003, and is open to participation by electric utilities, generation companies, energy companies, equipment manufacturers, large energy end-users, power project developers and other companies interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges created by the fundamental regulatory and market changes taking place in the U.S. electric industry.

“With the participation of a broad set of industry players, this multi-client study will examine important questions about the 10-year outlook for renewable energy technologies and markets,” according to Frantzis. “Our study approach encourages strong cross-industry collaboration by bringing together leading renewable energy consultants with executives from companies now involved in renewable energy or building renewable energy into their plans going forward.”

For additional information about this study, including the subscription process and fees, contact Lisa Frantzis at (781) 564-9614, or by email at [email protected]

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