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Inventor files milestone global PCT patent application for a new coal gasifier invention

Dec. 4, 2002 — Lloyd Weaver, mechanical engineer and inventor of PCPG (pulverized coal pressurized gasifier) said that as of 12 November 2002, PCPG met its foreign PCT filing obligation.

“For now, the potential sole licensee is assured that foreign filing rights to PCPG have been protected to the best of mine and my patent attorney’s ability. And, PCPG is not just a gasifier but includes the main system elements of the needed process-block for IGCC or syngas applications,” Weaver said. “The PCT patent application for the PCPG based process-block includes the pressurized pulverized coal feed silos, coal fuel distributor to multiple PCPG pulverized burners, PCPG itself, a hot gas cooler and hot gas filter.”

The main features of PCPG are its two-step process of upper burn (gasification) chamber and lower porosity controlled (by ash level and inert material additions to the fuel mixture) ash filter to trap and react char into useful gases.

Also, PCPG is designed to operate in the temperature range where pollutants are maximally reduced within the gasifier, and, is designed to be air-blown for IGCC clean-coal power applications, or, O2-blown for syngas applications.

The inventor can be contacted at [email protected]