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BC Hydro optimizes workforce efficiency with new integrated IndusConnect and ClickSoftware application

ATLANTA, GA and BURLINGTON, MA, Nov. 25, 2002 — Indus International Inc. and ClickSoftware Monday announced that BC Hydro will implement a new scheduling solution incorporating software from both companies designed to increase customer service and lower costs for the utility.

BC Hydro has been using elements of Indus’ PassPort(tm) Energy Delivery Solution to successfully streamline power transmission and distribution, work management and supply chain functions. The company has now chosen IndusConnect(tm) to extend the functionality of the PassPort solution by linking Indus applications with partner products.

IndusConnect enables the PassPort open system to deliver a powerful set of integration tools leveraging the latest technologies that facilitate the development and maintenance of integrations. It implements the company’s strategy to support both point-to-point application integration and Web Services-based integration, which ensures flexibility of choice to meet the changing software landscape and an open approach to new and emerging technologies.

This strategy provides Indus clients the freedom to select complementary solutions such as ClickSoftware that best meet their business requirements.

The IndusConnect Framework will be used by BC Hydro to integrate with ClickSchedule, ClickSoftware’s Resource Scheduling and Optimization solution, and create a custom, online application for Express Connection jobs.

ClickSchedule provides optimized service scheduling and routing, enabling organizations to improve customer service and maximize resource utilization. With Express Connection, BC Hydro will be able to expedite Customer Connections online and more efficiently match real-time resources and work crews to respond to those calls. The application is also scalable for future use by BC Hydro’s Field Services when necessary.

“We’re very pleased with the way IndusConnect and the ClickSoftware-based solution will work together to help us efficiently manage all of our Express Connection functions and service crew scheduling with one online application and help us achieve even better operational excellence,” said Richard Wohl, Portal Project Delivery Manager at BC Hydro.

According to Dr Moshe BenBassat, CEO of ClickSoftware, BC Hydro’s Express Connection application is aimed at replacing the utility’s current spreadsheet-like appointment booking tool with a more robust and integrated tool that is scalable for future requirements such as managing field service workloads.

“ClickSoftware offers a proven approach to efficiently managing BC Hydro’s work order demands and crew availability. BC Hydro’s customers can call in and will immediately know when someone is available, when to expect them, with the assurance that they will be on time with the right skills and tools to help. It is this kind of service that builds strong loyalty,” BenBassat said.

“This is a very real example of Indus bringing the power of our new Energy Delivery Solution initiative to life for one of the most successful utility companies in North America,” added Terry Maxey, VP of PassPort Product Management at Indus International.

“Our 25-year leadership and expertise in the utility industry enables us to bring the best ideas to market to help utility companies streamline their processes, achieve operational excellence and facilitate continuous improvement in their existing infrastructure as they expand their power generation, transmission and distribution networks.”

About BC Hydro

BC Hydro provides reliable power to fuel economic growth in British Columbia. As one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, BC Hydro serves more than 1.5 million customers in an area containing more than 94 percent of British Columbia’s population.

BC Hydro endeavors to provide energy solutions to its customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way by balancing British Columbians’ energy needs with the concerns of the environment. Through the efficient and reliable supply of electricity, BC Hydro supports the development of British Columbia and has constructed a world-class integrated hydroelectric system of close to 11,500 megawatts of generating capacity – more than 87 percent of which is hydroelectric. Due to this efficient, reliable system, British Columbians enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in the world.

About ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware is a provider of end-to-end service optimization solutions that maximize service revenue and customer responsiveness while minimizing costs. ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite includes strategic and tactical workforce planning, optimized service scheduling, intelligent problem resolution, wireless workforce management, and business analytics, connecting all organizational levels and all functions. For more information about ClickSoftware, visit www.clicksoftware.com.

About Indus International

Indus International offers a full range of asset management solutions that are global across all industries and scalable to diverse business sizes. Indus is a supplier of EAM software and services, according to ARC Advisory Group’s EAM/CMMS Solutions Worldwide Outlook. For more information, visit our Website at http://www.indus.com.