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Imaging Automation launches automated document authentication technology for electric industry security

BEDFORD, N.H., Oct. 22, 2002 — Imaging Automation announced the availability of iA-dentify™, which is designed to increase document authentication security at our nation’s power plants and secure facilities.

Imaging Automation’s iA-dentify is based on the company’s proven iA-thenticate™ platform, the only system that can integrate both document and biometric technologies to authenticate the entire document.

“Protecting our nation’s secure facilities such as power plants is vitally important in enhancing our net of homeland security. Authenticating identification documents and verifying the identities of personnel and visitors to utilities is the foundation of good security, and iA-dentify automates the process to take just seconds, while tying in with terrorist and other watch lists,” said William Thalheimer, president and CEO of Imaging Automation.

Power plants, utilities and other secure facilities that offer critical services to the U.S. population cannot be compromised. While homeland security has focused on airports and borders, the threat to our nation’s secure facilities cannot be overlooked. The front line in this security is authenticating the identity of utility workers and visitors. Many large utilities, such as nuclear power plants, employ hundreds of outsourced, temporary workers including international personnel. iA-dentify is the answer to document authentication for a wide range of utilities, including:

— nuclear power plants
— conventional fuel and hydro-electric power plants
— water treatment facilities and dams
— telephone and cable centers
— data and computer server centers
— oil refineries
— correctional facilities

With Imaging Automation’s iA-dentify, these facilities can determine whether or not a document (e.g. passport, visa, driver’s license, or resident alien card) is authentic, if it is expired, if it has been tampered with, or if the photo or text match any government watch lists of criminals or terrorists. Typical uses are in the badging office to authenticate employees and outsourced personnel, and at security gates and checkpoints for visitors.

Imaging Automation’s partnership with Intelli-Check to use Intelli-Check’s ID-Check® technology enables utilities to truly authenticate driver’s licenses for the first time. iA-dentify works in both enrolled and un-enrolled environments; privacy is not violated, since standard identity documents are used. iA-dentify is an access control system flexible enough to accommodate varying requirements. The solution both identifies documents already in circulation and accommodates newer, more secure documents as they are introduced in the future.

Easily integrated into any existing human resources or security system, iA-dentify creates an electronic record of workers and visitors, placing images of their IDs into a database along with captured data. The record can be sent electronically to authorities or checked against central databases such as police watch lists. The system can track people as they exit a building to ensure that no one has stayed inside without proper authorization and supervision.

The iA-dentify unit is based on the iA-thenticate platform, the world’s most advanced technology for ID authentication. The iA-thenticate platform, with its integrated document reader and software, automatically performs multiple security checks in seconds and is user-friendly. iA-dentify reads each document’s machine-readable zone, magnetic-stripe, and/or 2D barcode, and performs a battery of tests including tampering, ink, seal, pattern and text to authenticate a document.

Imaging Automation technology and iA-thenticate platform applications are in use with customers such as the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, several U.S. states and Canadian provinces, the Swedish National Police, the Hungarian Border Police, the Finland Frontier Guards and others.

iA-dentify is immediately available. Further information on Imaging Automation products is available online at

About Imaging Automation

Imaging Automation is a provider of document authentication, providing complete solutions that meet real-world needs with innovative technology. Since 1991, Imaging Automation has been making reliable, easy-to-use and effective systems for capturing and processing text, images and biometric data.

The Company partners with industry leaders such as Visionics, EDS, and Unisys to provide the iA-thenticate platform, the world’s most sophisticated document authentication platform, used around the world in immigration, border control, passenger processing and fraud detection. The only American company producing document authentication technology, Imaging Automation is on the Web at