Hydro Environmental Resources announces commercial availability of low-pressure hydrogen reactor

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 22, 2002 — Hydro Environmental Resources (HERI) Inc., a developer of hydrogen and hydrogen reactors, today announced the commercial availability of its industrial Electrical Chemical Hydrogen Fuel Reactor (ECHFR).

The ECHFR is one of the first hydrogen reactors that eliminates the need for an outside energy source to produce a pure commercial-grade of hydrogen at low pressure. This proprietary process delivers a highly mobile, more cost-effective and physically safe production of hydrogen than alternative methods requiring outside energy sources such as electricity, solar power and fossil fuels.

“Hydrogen energy offers a permanent solution to global energy, economic, and environmental problems and is now ready for support from governments and industrial organizations,” said David Rosenberg, president and chief executive officer for HERI. “To date, the viability of hydrogen as an alternative energy source has been hindered by technologies that are cost-prohibitive, immobile and potentially unsafe for broad industry use. We’re confident that HERI’s technology approach will help drive the broad adoption of this valuable energy source.”


The ECHFR is a fuel reactor that produces a commercial-grade of hydrogen gas at low pressure that does not require high-pressure vessels or an external power source. HERI implements a closed system electrical chemical procedure that produces hydrogen gas and residual heat generated from the reaction. Multiple safe compounds are added to any water-based liquid, producing a reaction between 60 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit depending on atmosphere. Low voltage electrical activity takes place within the system. Once the hydrogen gas is produced, the by-product is distilled potable water that can be used for human consumption.

The system can easily be integrated with fuel cells, combustion engine driven generator sets for producing electricity and burned for heat energy applications. Since the ECHFR is highly mobile and can produce low-pressure hydrogen on demand, it is designed to overcome many of the industry’s challenges with storing and transporting hydrogen in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Hydrogen As Next-Generation Energy Source

Hydrogen can be used in many applications in which fossil fuels are being used today. For example, hydrogen being used in combustion engines, turbines and jet engines is more efficient than using fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas. A range of transportation vehicles can run on hydrogen including automobiles, buses, trains, ships, submarines, airplanes and rockets. Hydrogen can also be converted directly to electricity by fuel cells, with a variety of applications in transportation and stationary power generation. Combustion of hydrogen with oxygen results in pure steam, which has many applications in industrial processes and space heating. Moreover, hydrogen is an important industrial gas and raw material in numerous industries, such as semiconductor, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, recreational and food industries.

About Hydro Environmental Resources (HERI)

HERI, based in Vancouver, Washington, was founded in 1998 with the primary goal of exploring avenues to improve the global environment through the development of safe and efficient methods of alternate energy production. The HERI team is focused on the production of alternate energy, waste treatment, and clean, potable water, through its breakthrough technology, the Electrical Chemical Hydrogen Fuel Reactor (ECHFR). For more information visit the company on the Web at