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Renewable Development LLC acreage in Nevada to include green community

Sept. 9, 2002 — Renewable Development LLC, (RDL) a Nevada corporation, announced today that it has signed an exclusive master development agreement with Nye County’s development entity to develop 3,800 acres of real property in and around the Tonopah Aeronautics and Technology Park located in Nye County, Nevada.

Nevada will soon be the third-largest producer of green power in the country by 2012, an updated study by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows, and RDL plans on playing a major role in that significant achievement.

RDL has overall prospects of developing a state-of-the-art “green community” with plans of merging multiple forms of renewable energy such as biomass, solar, geothermal, hydropower and wind power with the development of the real estate in Tonopah. The necessary natural energy resources are abundant throughout Nye County, which will enable RDL to provide a cleaner and cheaper energy for community and business.

“This project is a major step in creating a sustainable local economy for Nye County”, stated Joni Eastley, Vice-Chairman of Nye County Commissioners.

New York-based Managing Partner for Renewable Development LLC, Steven Cantor said, “We have plans for major projects with industry leading companies, private partner/investors, institutional lenders, and public equity markets to build these state-of-the-art “green communities” throughout the United States and Europe”.

RDL is presently in discussions for several economic development projects in Tonopah, including an airport, medical facilities, commercial and residential real estate, educational and recreational facilities, and multiple forms of entertainment, utilizing renewable energy.

As a result of the development prospects, RDL projects to enhance business and job opportunities, appreciate real estate values and quality of life for the residents, while protecting the environment.

Cantor went on to say, “building green communities represents a crucial turning point in our economy by redirecting the capital that is spent on current energy consumption allowing us to build communities and businesses that rely on their own resources for energy, thereby reducing our nations dependency on imported oil and chemicals”.

The first project brought on line in Tonopah will be the Nathaniel Energy Corporation’s recently announced plans for a $25 million renewable energy power plant. The first-of-its-kind 25 MW power plant will provide multiple opportunities for green power.

Nathaniel Energy Corporation is an alternate energy-based technology company, whose Proprietary Patented Technology, the “Thermal Combustor,” has been applauded by various governmental agencies, municipalities, and corporations as an environmentally friendly process that cleanly combusts tires into tire-derived fuel (TDF).

In addition, Nathaniel Energy’s technology allows for the implementation of innovative and profitable ways in handling the conversion of Biomass such as agricultural “energy crops” and waste, wood wastes, municipal waste and plastics, among other solid materials into low- cost renewable energy such as electricity, fuel, chemicals and by-product materials.