Global Thermoelectric Inc.’s fuel cell systems to be tested in Montana

CALGARY, July 16, 2002 — Global Thermoelectric Inc., a developer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) products, announced recently that Montana State University-Billings (MSUB) in partnerships with Montana Dakota Utilities Co. (MDU) will be evaluating Global’s fuel cell systems.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Global to work with others who share a similar commitment to developing new power generation products and also building markets for them,” said Jim Barker, Global’s Vice President, Business Development.

“MSUB’s role, like that of our other partners, will be to define the needs, scope and distribution channels of different early adopter markets as well as to test and demonstrate our fuel cell products. Also, we plan to test our systems using well-site gas as the feedstock for our fuel cell to demonstrate the fuel flexibility of our SOFC products,” added Barker.

Under the terms of the agreement with MSUB’s Center for Applied Economic Research, Global will provide a 2kW natural gas fueled residential system and a 3-5 kW methane fueled remote power system for light industrial applications to MSUB for MSUB and MDU to test and evaluate. The two systems will be delivered over the next year for anticipated proceeds of US$125,000 to Global.

MSUB’s Center for Applied Economic Research provides energy technology commercialization research through strategic product development partnerships with industry and government. The Center is a member of the Association of State Energy research and Technology Transfer Institutions, a confederation of state and regional organizations with energy research and development and technology transfer responsibilities.

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. offers natural gas and electricity distribution and electricity generation and transmission to customers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. MDU is a division of MDU Resources Group, Inc., a multidimensional natural resources enterprise traded on the New York Stock Exchange as “MDU”. Additional information regarding MDU is available at www.montana-dakota.com.

Global Thermoelectric Inc. is a developer of SOFC products. The company is also a manufacturer and distributor of thermoelectric power generators for use in remote locations.

Global is developing fuel cell products that are compatible with natural gas or propane. The company is currently prototyping systems to address residential and remote applications.