Geir Ramleth named Bechtel Corp.’s CIO

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2002– Geir Ramleth has rejoined Bechtel Corp. as chief information officer, managing the engineering and construction company’s Information Systems and Technology organization.

He succeeds Hank Leingang, who joined Bechtel in the newly created position of CIO in 1997 and is currently consulting for the company.

Ramleth, 43, has extensive management, finance, and technical experience, recently serving as chairman and chief executive officer of Zurich-based DigiPlex S.A., a pan-European communications and network facilities company he founded in 1999.

Prior to that, while working for Bechtel Enterprises, Bechtel’s finance, development, and ownership affiliate, Ramleth led the acquisition of assets used to build the company, Genuity. As president and chief executive officer of Genuity, Ramleth rapidly built the company into an industry leader in the Internet service business before it was sold to GTE Internetworking in late 1997.

Ramleth previously served Bechtel in a variety of capacities, including manager of commercial systems in the controller organization, where he was responsible for consolidating all commercial systems activities, including financial and human resources systems. He played a key role in building and managing Bechtel’s centralized automated transaction processing center.

Ramleth also was director of Oracle Corporation’s applications consulting practice. In this capacity he managed organizational and systems projects for Fortune 500 firms, managed design and implementation of mission-critical applications, and planned the migration of legacy systems to open systems environments.

Prior to Oracle, Ramleth held positions as chief financial officer of PageMart, Inc., a paging and communications company, and senior financial analyst with PacTel Personal Communications, where he contributed to mergers and acquisitions efforts, including acquiring and consolidating cellular telephone companies in the United States.