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Inventor seeks utility management involvement in testing his coal gasifier invention called PCPG

June 12, 2002 — Inventor and mechanical engineer Lloyd Weaver is looking for an opportunity to contact utility engineers and management about his new gasifier invention and proposed front-end or PROCESS-BLOCK to high efficiency clean-coal IGCC power systems.

Weaver said, “I believe we can achieve the PROCESS-BLOCK (pressurized silos, PCPG gasifier, gas cooler, and hot gas filter combination) to IGCC for significantly less than the $450-$500/kw cost for the combined cycle POWER-BLOCK. I believe PROCESS-BLOCK costs should not exceed $50/Kw hot gas filter, $50/KW gas cooler, $200/KW for the PCPG (pulverized coal pressurized gasification) gasifier and $100/KW for the pressurize silos for a PROCESS-BLOCK EPC cost of about $400/KW using the proposed PCPG ideas.”

Environmentally, the PCPG gasifier has significant advantages since it is designed to burn/gasify air-blown and pressurized in the 1700F area, which means that pulverized lime sorbents combined with the pulverized coal feed can reach out and trap nearly all the sulfur and most other salts within the PROCESS-BLOCK and prior to the POWER-BLOCK.

The PROCESS-BLOCK will have advanced SCADA controls, should match the POWER-BLOCK in availability and should be long lived and be easy to maintain, the inventor said.

Weaver said he has a prototype testing contract being negotiated with a major university involved in coal research. He is looking for utility management and engineering involvement too, he said.

The air-blown PCPG gasifier is relatively simple to build and test, so design and development can all be done with private funds without any DOE involvement required, but Weaver said he needs utility management involvement to be successful.

To learn more, read the April 2 article, also on Power Engineering magazine’s web site:

For more information, contact Lloyd Weaver at Lloyd Weaver at (tel) 207-721-9949 or email [email protected].