Issue 6 and Volume 106.

Electric Generator Protection

The SEL-300G generator relay provides protection, monitoring and control of electric generators. A major enhancement over previous models is the addition of Modbus communications protocol, which makes it easier to retrofit the SEL-300G into existing customer digital control systems (DCS). The protection elements in the new relay are complementary to those found in existing electromechanical and analog relay designs.

Calcium Phosphate Inhibitors

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A new technical brochure describes a new specialty sulfonated copolymer (AQUATREAT AR-540) for use a calcium phosphate inhibitor. The copolymer’s particular molecular weight and charge density result in effective disposition of silt and re-dispersion of carbonate, zinc and phosphate deposits in boilers. A variety of curves and bar charts in the 12-page brochure show how the product performs compared to other treatments.

Portable Generators

Portable Power, a business unit of Ingersoll-Rand, recently announced a new line of portable electric generators. The GenPowerSource most compact models, the G3.5, G5, G7, G8, G10 and G11, are powered by either Vanguard or Mitsubishi engines, and come in sizes from 2,000 watts to 11,000 watts. All of the generators include overload protection and the lightest unit, the G3.5, weighs only 97 lbs.

Ion Exchange Resins

Sybron Chemicals Inc. has published a new product guide that highlights its complete range of Lewatit ion exchange resins for industrial applications. The mono-dispersed resins, available in gel and macro-porous varieties, have been tested in worldwide applications. Typical uses include condensate polishing, softening and demineralization process. The resins’ uniform particle size promote maximum kinetic and hydraulic resin performance which results in higher throughput per cycle, lower water and chemical consumption and higher mechanical and chemical stability. They are also easier to separate in mixed beds.

Pressure Transducer

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A newly developed dynamic pressure transducer for monitoring gas turbine combustion is now available from AMETEK. The piezoelectric pressure transducer is designed to operate in temperatures up to 1,100 F. The transducer provides combustion process information that enhances the operator’s ability to control the fuel-air mixture and residence time in the flame zone to attain desired NOx emission levels. In addition, the sensors provide information that allows for seamless fuel transitions on dual-fuel turbines.

Lean-burn Gas Engine

A new 334 kW lean-burn gas engine generator offers low emissions and high fuel efficiency for prime time power applications. Cummins Power Generation’s new 334 kW QSK19G is ideal for commercial or industrial on-site power applications where natural gas and electricity rates are high. The QSK19G generator is powered by a 19 liter, six-cylinder, four-stroke, high speed, spark-ignited engine. Using a lean fuel-to-air mixture, the combustion temperatures are kept low thus resulting in lower NOx emissions, higher output and maximum thermal efficiency.

Enhanced Alignment Interface

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A new computer interface module and software, from Pinpoint, couples the company’s Laser Microgage system to a PC or laptop. Using the new interface module, operators are now able to more quickly acquire, plot and analyze machinery alignment data in the field. The new DCU-100 interface module, with enhanced measuring resolution to 0.0001 inch, is packaged in a compact, durable, aluminum housing with a serial RS232c output connector. The RS232c connects directly to any serial port on a PC or laptop computer.