Coal, Reactors

Business Briefs

Issue 6 and Volume 106.

GE Power Systems and Toshiba have developed new 40-inch and 48-inch steel last-stage buckets for steam turbine applications worldwide. The new buckets are designed for both 50 and 60-Hertz applications to increase steam turbine power output capability and improve efficiency. The 48-inch last-stage bucket is the largest 3000-rpm last-stage bucket in the world in terms of annulus area. GE and Toshiba expect to offer the new buckets on their steam turbines for both combined-cycle and fossil power plant applications shipping in 2003.

Duke Energy North America has proposed building a 700 MW coal-fired plant in Isle of Wight County, Virginia that would go into service in 2008.

Bachmann Dampjoint of Pointe Claire, Quebec has been selected as the preferred supplier for selective catalytic reduction multi port isolation damper systems for the Nanticoke and Lambton electric station SCR projects. Two SCR units are being supplied and installed by Babcock & Wilcox Canada in each of the plants.

The South Texas Project has received NRC approval to increase capacity of its Unit 1 from 1,250 MW to 1,268MW and plans to do the same with Unit 2 during its fall outage this year, bringing total station capacity to 2,536 MW.

Exelon is seeking an early site permit to possibly add a second nuclear reactor at its Clinton plant in Illinois. The company emphasized that no final decision to build at Clinton has been made. An Exelon spokesman said that Clinton is the company’s first choice for an expansion of its nuclear facilities, which include 17 reactors at 10 stations.

USFilter’s Stanco Products and InterCorr International have formed an alliance allowing USFilter to market InterCorr’s CHx corrosion monitoring technology, an on-line cooling water management tool that allows facilities to monitor system corrosion, pitting and fouling in real time and under actual flow and heat transfer conditions.

BP Power has formed a strategic alliance with KOPEC (Korea Power Engineering Co.) to cooperate in the design, engineering and construction of coal-fired power plants in the U.S. and other countries.

Tractebel Power’s Choctaw Generation has begun commercial operation of its $500 million, 490 MW lignite-fired plant in Chester, Mississippi. The plant uses two atmospheric circulating fluidized bed ALSTOM boilers, each producing 1,500,000 lb/hr, 2400 psig at 1,050 F and 1,000 F superheat to power a 490 MW turbine/generator. The plant has a zero water discharge cooling system.

Hamon Research-Cottrell (HRC) has added wet limestone/gypsum and dry lime flue gas desulfurization technologies to its offerings through an agreement with Marsulex. HRC has also acquired the Marsulex particulate control division, which manufactures electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters and after-market parts and services.