Toronto Hydro implements Mincom Ellipse enterprise solution

DENVER, CO – April 11, 2002 – Mincom, a global technology solutions provider for the utilities industry, announced the successful implementation of Mincom Ellipse, its flagship enterprise management suite of maintenance, materials, financials, human resources and accounting/payroll at Toronto Hydro.

“In the 92-year history of Toronto Hydro, this is the only large-scale IT project implementation in memory to conclude on cost and on time. Toronto Hydro – its executives, its employees, and its shareholders are extremely happy with the performance of Mincom’s applications and implementation services,” said Bob King, Toronto Hydro Electric System Ltd’s V.P. – Business Transformation.

Toronto Hydro’s 350 concurrent users in Ontario are reaping the benefits of an integrated system that links plant assets, maintenance and repair schedules, workers and accounting and purchasing. The amalgamation of six regional utility companies in the Toronto area has streamlined Toronto Hydro. It now provides systematic efficiencies by handling nearly all electrical distribution for 660,470 customers in Canada’s largest metropolitan area.

“We believe Mincom Ellipse is a key tool in business transformation. Mincom Ellipse and other key change initiatives will provide Toronto Hydro with a substantial return on investment. A full payback to Toronto Hydro will be achieved in 30 months,” added King.

Industry analysts like META Group’s Rick Nicholson believe that customer successes, such as Toronto Hydro’s experience with Mincom, will carry even greater weight as utilities attempt to manage risk amidst shrinking Information Technology (IT) budgets.

“Utilities are looking for solutions that align with business strategies, provide short term return on investment, and minimize the risks associated with large scale IT projects. In today’s conservative market, IT buyers are demanding that software providers continue to demonstrate customer successes like Toronto Hydro,” said Nicholson, Vice-President and Director of META Group’s Energy Information Strategies.

For Mincom, completing the Toronto Hydro project could not come at a better time. “In the last sixteen months, Mincom has doubled the number of its North American utility customers. Our success at Toronto Hydro proves that because we deliver on our promise, this momentum is well deserved,” said Rick Rogers, Mincom’s North American Vice-President of Utilities and Mining.

About Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited operates the largest municipal distribution utility in Canada and delivers 20% of Ontario’s electricity to a broadly diversified, economically robust customer base of 660,470 residential, commercial and industrial customers. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited employs more than 1,600 full-time employees and serves a population of approximately 2.4 million in a service area of 630 square kilometers. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has a peak system demand of 4,800 megawatts and generates close to $2 billion in annual.

About Mincom

Mincom Limited is a global technology partner for asset-intensive industries, specifically mining, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, and defense and government. Mincom serves customers in more than 40 countries with fully integrated software solutions and professional services, along with e-business procurement capabilities, application hosting, IT outsourcing services, and Application Service Provision (ASP). Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Mincom’s 1,100 employees populate 19 offices in 13 countries.