Air Pollution Control Equipment Services

DG Briefs

Issue 4 and Volume 106.

Power Measurement, provider of enterprise energy management systems, has signed an agreement with Liebert HIROSS of Milan, Italy, to extend its ION technology to the Liebert HIROSS Hipulse and Series 7200 line of uninterruptible power systems. Liebert HIROSS will use the Power Measurement ION 7500 and ION 7350 intelligent metering and control devices to add monitoring and control functions to its new HiView devices. According to Bretislav Sklenak, UPS business unit vice president for Liebert HIROSS, the combined solution will enable users to monitor and display system-critical information both on-site and remotely.

The Control Products business of Honeywell has announced a joint marketing and distribution alliance with Cannon Technologies, producer of electric utility automation and peak load management. The alliance combines Honeywell’s expertise in home and building control with Cannon software, hardware and communications to deliver solutions for energy and comfort control to electric utilities for peak load reduction. Honeywell and Cannon are offering a suite of solutions that include everything from wireless controllable thermostats to software that communicates power prices to businesses over the web.

PPL Energy Services has begun operation of an 800 kW methane-to-electricity power generation system at the Northern Tier Landfill in Bradford County, Pa. The landfill will use the 600,000 cubic feet of methane gas produced daily at the facility to fire a Caterpillar engine configured for combined heat and power, with some of the power sold on the open market. “With this system, we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impact those emissions have on the environment,” said PPL Energy Services president Mike Kroboth. “Methane that was once flared now becomes a valuable source of energy.”