Montana environmental agency authorizes permits for Silver Bow Generation Project

BUTTE, Mont., March 18, 2002 — The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has authorized environmental permits for the Silver Bow Generation Project, following a full public airing of all environmental issues that could potentially be associated with the construction and operation of the proposed power plant.

The Silver Bow Generation Project is a $360 million facility scheduled to be built in the Silicon Mountain Industrial Park located at Silver Bow west of Butte. The gas-fired plant will have a nominal capacity of 500 MW. The proposed generation plant would generate power for sale to customers in Montana and the western United States. During construction the plant will employ up to 700 employees at the generation facility and over 200 for gas pipeline construction.

“The state permitting process for the Silver Bow Generation Project began on January 31, 2001,” CES President Dick Cromer said. “The company agreed to conduct the most comprehensive environmental review, an Environmental Impact Statement, to ensure all federal, state and local environmental regulations were thoroughly addressed.”

“With the issuance of the environmental permits, the work for CES is just beginning. Over the next several months the company will work to arrange the extensive financing required for the project. At the same time, notes CES Senior Vice President Mike Enterline, “we continue to work daily with our construction contractor and with our equipment manufacturers to firm up the construction timeline and are on schedule to begin construction later this year, and commence operation by late 2004.”

CES is a privately held power generation development and operations firm with interests in several plants in Texas and Washington State. It also has ownership in international developments. The company maintains offices in Butte, Montana, New York and Maryland.