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Nuclear Solutions recruits assistance from Los Alamos National Labs

MERIDIAN, Idaho, March 12, 2002 — Under a new contract, the Los Alamos National Laboratory will help Nuclear Solutions Inc. develop its HYPERCON ADS™ process using nuclear modeling software developed by Los Alamos National Labs.

NSOL is using specialized nuclear simulation software, MCNPX (Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code Version X, an extension of MCNP to include all particles and energies), to run computer simulations that can accurately predict how the photodeactivation process will function on a commercial scale. This nuclear modeling software, developed by LANL, is regarded as the most precise way to simulate nuclear processes and is used by nuclear scientists and reactor designers worldwide.

“This is a very important development in our overall strategy to further prove and develop our technology, MCNP is known to be the standard nuclear simulation software in the industry which has been developed by the top scientists in the world,” said Dr. Paul M. Brown, President and CEO of Nuclear Solutions.

“Extensive computer modeling of our process is the most responsible way we can approach our goal of building a pilot plant. Management believes this path represents the most efficient use of capital and will minimize the risk associated with the design and construction of a pilot reactor. MCNPX in its current form does not include all the photonuclear reactions necessary for our process such as photofission reactions. I am confident that Dr. Qi Ao, in cooperation with the team at Los Alamos will be able to write the necessary code. When completed, this software an essential tool in further development and application of our technology,” concluded, Dr. Brown.

Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Qi Ao indicated that NSOL intends to expand its relationship with Los Alamos in the near future. “There are many areas that are either missing the required data, or where the code needs to be augmented so that it can handle all of the reactions properly,” said Dr. Ao.

“Since we are doing scientific research in a field that is lightly explored, we know that we will need to work with Los Alamos very closely to add new capabilities to MCNP and triple check our results,” added Dr. Ao.