Air Pollution Control Equipment Services, O&M


Issue 3 and Volume 106.

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Inspection Camera
The slim PTZ-Cam 2.75 from iShot Imaging fits through openings 2.75 inches in diameter to view vessel contents and evaluate structural conditions. The color video camera features a 40:1 zoom, pans 360 degrees and tilts ±110 degrees. High-torque stepper motors, each coupled to a hardened-gear linkage, guarantees smooth, precise motion on each axis. Spot and flood lamps ensure bright, colorful illumination of target areas. Machined from aluminum, the camera resists most chemicals and can submerge 100 feet. Integral Y/C (S-video) and composite (BNC) output jacks make video available to any standard recorder or monitor.

iShot Imaging

Abrasion-Resistant Backing Compounds
Abrasion-resistant backing compounds from Devcon are high-strength epoxy liquids ideal for protecting rod, ball, pebble, and autogenous mills, as well as cone and gyratory crushers. The formulations cure with negligible shrink and low exothermic reaction, ensuring a consistent bond to manganese or steel surfaces. The backing compounds cover about 350 cubic inches per 20 pounds of product. Once cured, they exhibit high compression and impact strengths.


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Thermal Insulation
SilcoSoft from BGF Industries is a needled mat fiber that can be used for thermal insulation in high-temperature power generation applications. SilcoSoft utilizes a silica-like belCoTex fiber that provides excellent acoustical and thermal properties in temperatures up to 2000 F. The material is cotton soft, conformable to irregular shapes, non-dusting and non-irritating. It is typically sold in thicknesses from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch and widths of 46-48 inches.

BGF Industries

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Ball Valves
A 16-page technical brochure from Xomox describes its new line of Tufline ball valves. Particular attention is devoted to the S2 stem seal that provides superior fugitive emissions control. The spherical S2 seal allows the ball valves to compensate for any minor stem movement caused by side loading. The Tufline ball valve is available in one-piece flanged, two-piece flanged and three-piece screwed, socket-welded and butt-welded end models. Sizes available are from ½ inch through 8 inches in ANSI class pressure ratings of 150, 300 and 600. The valves provide tight shutoff from high vacuum through rated pressure at temperatures of –20 F to 450 F.


Ash Handling Valve
A new ash handling valve, ASHandler, for hopper outlets of electrostatic precipitators, baghouses and other dry ash collecting systems, is now available from Allen-Sherman-Hoff, a division of Diamond Power International. The pivot rotation of the valve’s gate housing provides easy access to the gate and the seat area. This enables one person to replace the valve’s components. To improve service life the valve has been designed with a flapper-style gate that swings completely out of the flow path of the material.


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Lean Burn Gas Engine Generators
A new brochure from Cummins Power Generation introduces a line of lean burn gas engine generators for prime and peaking power application. Sized from 334 kW to 1.75 MW, the generators are powered by fuel efficient, spark ignited engines that significantly reduce NOx emissions. All of the generators come with digital controls.

Cummins Power Generation

Process Control Brochure
ABB Instrumentation offers a new eight-page brochure on its integrated process control solutions for integrating operations and information software, reducing hardware costs, implementing multivariable controls and optimizing controls for reduced energy, material costs and consistent quality. The brochure covers controls for evaporator, reactor, heat exchanger, boiler and wastewater treatment systems. Controls for security, process engineering and operator interfaces are also covered.

ABB Instrumentation

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Data Recorder
PocketData Sheet software turns a standard PocketPC into a hand-held data recorder and digitizer. Users pre-specify the names, units and the order of the instruments to be read. The program provides multiple screens that allow for password entry, time stamp, individual data input, notes and maintenance calls. Each entry is checked for abnormal values, and if appropriate, a caution or warning is displayed with an audible tone alert.

Process and Mechanical Technologies, Inc.

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Air Actuated Swaging
Swagelok’s Air Actuated Hydraulic Swaging Unit (AHSU) is designed to reduce makeup torque and installation time for swaged fittings. The unit features interchangeable corrosion resistant, stainless steel tooling to swage 1¼ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch Swagelok tube fitting ferrules. The AHSU places no initial strain on the nut, fitting body threads or the body seal surfaces. It also requires no threading of the nut on or off the tooling. The unit and its storage case weighs 28 lb.


Sensor Diagnostics
Moore Industries’ transmitters and alarms featuring Total Sensor Diagnostics (TSD) technology checks all leads on a temperature loop for continuity and ensures the sensor is operating correctly. In the event of a lead break a clear error message is displayed telling the operator what and where the problem occurred.

Moore Industries