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New project to drill for potential nuclear waste storage sites off coast of Japan

EXETER, England, January 28, 2002 — AnTech Ltd has been awarded a contract by Geophysical Surveying Company Ltd. to design and manufacture a customized drilling system for use on the coast of Japan.

The new drilling system is part of the AnTech COLT drilling tool family, and will be used by Geophysical Surveying Company Ltd to drill boreholes under the sea in a number of sites on the coast of Japan to obtain geological information on potential nuclear waste disposal sites.

The rock samples gathered at various sites will then be scientifically analyzed in Japan to assess which of the sites is optimal for the safe deposit and storage of radioactive waste. As Japan is highly dependent on nuclear power, it is critical that the radioactive waste generated by the large number of nuclear power stations in the country is safely and permanently disposed of under the sea.

AnTech has already commenced work on the COLT, and will deliver the system to Geophysical Surveying Company in early 2002. Upon completion, AnTech will provide ongoing support in the form of training and system updates. The COLT tool will be used by Geophysical Surveying Company to collect data throughout the course of the five-year multi-bore drilling campaign.

This contract award is extremely exciting for AnTech because it represents two major “firsts” for the company. “Until now, we had been exclusively dedicated to creating hardware and software for the international upstream oil and gas industry. With the Geophysical Surveying Company contract, AnTech is moving for the first time into Japan, and into the nuclear waste management arena. Clearly, it is a market we will work hard to grow during the coming years,” said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech Ltd.

“The shift in markets bodes well for us because it illustrates our ability to provide tools that can be used for a wide range of drilling purposes, not just for oil and gas exploration. It’s a real testament to our ability to be innovative and flexible enough to develop designs that meet a client’s specific needs,” he added.