Real-Time Microturbine Performance Analysis Now On-Line

Issue 1 and Volume 106.

Users evaluating microturbines and related systems now have real-time Internet access to real-world-simulated test stand data. Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) is providing its client manufacturers, customers, and utilities access to operating microturbine generators through a standard web browser at

“This unique installation will help users fully assess the new microturbine technology and its future role in distributed generation installations,” said Steven Taub, director, distributed energy at CERA. “Sitting at their desks, our clients can see detailed views of the test site and equipment and download and analyze real-time and historical data.” Through the web site, CERA clients can create customized reports that:

  • Analyze electricity production, efficiency, heat production and fuel quality
  • Compare operating results to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Track the effects of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure on performance
  • Evaluate power quality delivered from the individual microturbines.

CERA contracted with Connected Energy Corp. to bring this test stand online using its Central Operating Management System (COMSYS) – a product that turns generators, air compressors, chillers, boilers, and other equipment into web sites. In addition to the capabilities available through the CERA web site, COMSYS uses secure web communications to enable remote control over equipment in the field and asset management and maintenance features including work order submission and tracking, work history, parts lists, and machine component diagrams.

“The ability to remotely monitor and manage distributed energy systems will be a critical enabler of market acceptance, and this is a prototype of how it could be done,” said Christopher Campbell, Connected Energy Corp. president and CEO. “Most distributed energy users will rely on service providers and manufacturers to maintain, service, operate, and even own the equipment. Connected Energy provides a cost-effective way for these service providers to monitor, troubleshoot, service, and even control remote equipment – all securely through a standard web browser.”