Briefly Noted

Issue 1 and Volume 106.

UTC Fuel Cells has announced the sale of eight PC25 fuel cell plants to the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The 200 kW units will produce power from digester gas methane created in the wastewater treatment process at four treatment plants in New York City. NYPA will install the fuel cells in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens. With the addition of the eight units, a total of 17 PC25 fuel cell units will be supplying electricity for New York City area facilities. Other installations include Manhatten’s Central Park, North Central Bronx Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital on Staten Island and the Conde Nast Building in Times Square.

Revere Control Systems and Power Generating Systems have announced a new line of combined heat and power “plug and play” units manufactured by Waukesha. The CHPgen 375 engine/generator is able to produce 375 kW of energy input with 88 percent efficiency while providing thermal energy in the form of 205 F water. The configuration is available up to 1,400 kW output. The units possess design features that accommodate California environmental protection requirements.