Backup in a Box

Issue 1 and Volume 106.

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ORMAT has introduced its Compact Energy Converter, a fully integrated power system that supplies standby DC power for telecommunications applications in a footprint measuring 3 ft x 6 ft x6ft. The unit supplies rectified, filtered power when utility power is available and uninterrupted power for an unlimited period when utility power fails. With a capacity up to 5,000 watts, the ORMAT unit is especially suitable for providing standby power for wireless cell sites, microwave repeater stations and similar remote telecommunications installations where high reliability is critical. It eliminates the need for a separate rectifier and a large bank of batteries, lowering initial capital costs and reducing site acquisition demands costs since the space required by the shelter is about half that of comparable systems. In many cases, the need for an air conditioning system is also eliminated. Photo courtesy of ORMAT.