Two California power plants designed by Vanderweil Engineers operational in time for peak demand

BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 13, 2001 — Vanderweil Engineers announced today it had completed design work on two new power plants in California in time for the peak summer electricity demand.

Located in San Diego and Palm Springs, both power plants were up-and-running in time to help meet California’s increased summer electricity demand.

The 90-megawatt (MW) Larkspur plant in San Diego and the 135 MW Indigo plant in Palm Springs comprise the Wildflower Energy Project. These plants were the first to be licensed under the California Energy Commission’s emergency siting process instituted upon Governor Gray Davis’ order to expedite electricity plants that could be on line by September 30, 2001. Larkspur and Indigo were the first emergency facilities to be constructed and in operation as a result of the accelerated process.

California Governor Gray Davis attended both of the plants’ commissioning ceremonies to mark their dedication and to highlight the unprecedented collaborative effort that went into siting, licensing, designing and constructing the plant in less than six months to respond to California’s urgent need for electricity. The Larkspur Energy Facility commenced operation on July 16th and the Indigo Energy Facility followed on July 26th.

The design and construction of the plants was fast-tracked in order to meet the September 30, 2001 deadline. Vanderweil began the engineering and design on February 28, 2001. The constructor, Gemma Power Systems (Gemma) of Glastonbury, Connecticut, broke ground on April 1st and began forming the first foundations just one week later. Meeting this aggressive schedule in the country’s most stringent earthquake zone (Seismic Zone 4+) required an extraordinary level of teamwork and strict coordination between Vanderweil, Gemma, and the facilities’ owner, Intergen Energy, Inc., a Boston-based global power-generation firm.

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