AGE awarded Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Phase IV expansion contract

HALIFAX, Oct. 25, 2001 — Atlantic Gas Engineers (AGE) is pleased to announce it has recently been selected by Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) to conduct engineering work in connection with M&NP’s proposed Phase IV mainline expansion. M&NP will be adding a series of compressor stations to its existing transmission system in order to increase capacity and accommodate additional volumes.

AGE is a Halifax based company owned by CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers of Halifax and Cimarron Engineering Ltd. of Calgary. Initial compressor station design will be developed jointly by AGE engineers based in Calgary and by local staff based in Halifax and Saint John. Subsequent designs and modifications will take place in AGE’s offices in Halifax and Saint John.

“This contract is an example of how companies here in the Maritimes are playing an increasingly prominent role in the energy industry”, said Phillip Knoll, president of Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline. “Companies such as AGE are structured to encourage the technology transfer that is critical to the development of our local workforce.”

“The value of this technology transfer is expected to continue beyond the current M&NP expansion project,” said Alan Perry, president of CBCL Limited. “Opportunities such as this are vital in that they provide our staff with the experience to compete for similar projects that we anticipate will take place locally. Most importantly, it provides us with the capability, as a Nova Scotia company, to export our expertise and compete both nationally and internationally for similar projects in the future.”

AGE was founded in 1999 by CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers and Cimarron Engineering Ltd. to provide services to the natural gas distribution and transmission industry in the Maritimes. Halifax based CBCL is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest multidiscipline consulting firms. Cimarron is a Calgary based engineering company specializing in the provision of gas transmission and compression technology to national and international gas industry clients.

“AGE offers several advantages over its competitors,” said AGE Manager David Keeling. “Not the least of which is the ability to provide the client with locally based staff who have experience in the gas industry. This capability and understanding of local conditions, coupled with Cimarron’s extensive experience, allows us to provide the client with the best possible solution.”

Atlantic Gas Engineers offers a comprehensive range of regulatory, environmental, design, and implementation services to the gas industry and has already worked with M&NP on pipeline and custody transfer station projects. AGE is committed to expanding its local office as opportunities in the natural gas industry continue to develop.

“We look forward to working with AGE”, said Knoll. “The combination of their experience, product quality and cost competitiveness provides us with best value and meets our needs as we move forward to expand our system.”

The project sponsors of Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline are Westcoast Energy Inc. (37.5 percent), Duke Energy (37.5 percent), ExxonMobil (12.5 percent) and Emera Inc. (12.5 percent.) M&NP has headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Boston, Massachusetts.