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Web Site Helps Grapple With Complex Emissions Trading Issues

Issue 10 and Volume 105.

Emissions trading can be an effective and valuable means by which power producers can meet environmental compliance targets without reducing output. But engaging in trading requires making decisions based upon a highly complex set of factors constantly in the state of flux.

Evolution Markets, specializing in consultation and brokerage focused on environmental and coal markets, has introduced a Web site featuring emissions and coal-calculators and presenting daily and historical environmental market data.

Coinciding with the Bush Administration’s launch of a multi-pollutant approach to emissions trading, the site was designed to support companies looking to manage their emissions, determine how many credits they might have and how much they might be worth. The site also helps determine how many credits energy companies need to construct new plants and manage the price risk of coal supplies.

For traders, analysts and risk managers interested in following the growing environmental markets, the site offers daily market reports – along with historical data – for SO2, NOx, greenhouse gases (GHG) and over-the-counter (OTC) coal markets. The reports show closing bid and ask prices, as well as last trading prices, for all actively traded products. They also include pricing for derivative structures of these products.

“The site provides crucial tools and information to traders, risk managers and policy makers as they brace for both domestic and international policy developments,” explains Andrew Ertel, president and CEO of Evolution Markets. “The price discovery, policy analysis, and conversion calculators will be critical for participants in both the environmental and coal markets. We’re providing these services free of charge as we continue to help build the markets we participate in and create new trading opportunities for our clients.

“The site includes a global warming potential converter that translates volumes of all the greenhouse gases into CO2E – the equivalent volume of CO2 reductions based on the global warming potential of these gases as established by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Also available is a tons converter that translates volume of emissions from short tons, converts long tons to metric tons and from pounds to kilograms. There are several coal calculators including a basis converter to convert values among as received, dry and air dried coal; cost of coal on a cents/MMBtu basis; delivery price on a $/ton basis; SO2 lbs/MMBTU; energy content in a ton of coal; value of SO2 differential between two coals; energy units converter; and calculation of fouling and slagging factors.

The site also provides free resource guides that allow companies to begin trading their emissions and maximizing their portfolios.

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