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Issue 10 and Volume 105.

Laser Alignment Systems

Mr. Shims has issued a new catalog that features easy-to-use laser alignment systems and the company’s complete line of stainless steel shims and balancing weights. The catalog also includes a schedule of their alignment training classes.

Mr. Shims

Data Acquisition System

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To meet industrial need for high performance machine condition monitoring, Rockwell Automation has introduced its Entek Entrx data acquisition system. The data acquisition system is designed to monitor high-speed critical equipment such as steam and gas turbines, boiler feed pumps and electric motors. The system performs data acquisition, database management and data analysis and can be used either portably or for permanent online monitoring.

Rockwell Automation

Combustion Analyzers

Series CA-6200 CA-CALC combustion analyzers are now available from TSI Incorporated. These instruments have been designed to provide real-time analysis of flue gases for optimizing the combustion efficiency of boilers and other combustion appliances. Optional sensors are available to measure NO, NO2 and SO2. A product sheet is available that highlights the primary features and benefits of six different models with detailed specifications.

TSI Incorporated

Stack Efficiency Tester

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The new SET-100 stack efficiency tester measures O2, CO and stack temperature. Using this information it then calculates the CO2, excess air and, combustion efficiency of boilers. The instrument is self calibrating and according to Goodway Technologies, no special training or skills are required. While the operator makes adjustments to the boiler, the tester samples and analyzes the gas continually and displays real-time measurements. This allows the operators to see the effects of boiler adjustments as they are made. It can also store up to 12 test results, which can be used to compare the boiler’s current efficiency to past performance or to other boilers’ operations.

Goodway Technologies Corporation

Auto Darkening Welding Lens

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The new Speedglas 9000Xi auto darkening welding lens has been developed especially for the latest TIG inverter welding technology. When the welder strikes an arc the 9000Xi lens automatically darkens from shade 3 to the user selected dark state: Shades 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. When the user stops welding, the lens automatically changes back to shade 3.

Hornell, Inc.

Expert System Software

Bently Nevada has announced the release of RuleDesk, a powerful enhancement to their Machine Condition Manager 2000 software package. RuleDesk allows users to create complex, custom machine diagnostic rules with an easy-to-use interface. A user-friendly graphical environment lets the user create custom machinery analysis rules by drawing boxes with plain language statements of the conditions to be monitored.

Bently Nevada Corporation

Impact Transmitter

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The IT6810 impact transmitter detects looseness and other faults in reciprocating machinery not normally detected by vibration instruments. The impact transmitter technology is able to detect mechanical looseness in the early stages of development and thus prevent more severe damage. The IT6810 translates the measurement into 4-20 mA signals that can be directly sent to a PLC.

Metrix Instrument Co.

Industrial Intercom Systems

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A Merge/Isolate Control Cabinet is now available from GAI-Tronics Corporation designed for use with their Page Party communication systems. The cabinet offers a method of communication in large facilities such as power plants. The cabinet can operate in Page Party systems of up to five zones. It also allows an operator with a Master Desktop Station to page to one, several or all zones by simply depressing specific buttons.

GAI-Tronics Corporation

Digital Multimeter

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A new digital multimeter, PDM-5500, has been designed for in-plant use where rugged reliability and accuracy is required. The multimeter can measure harmonic distortion on AC voltages, temperature, capacitance, true RMS, AC/DC voltage and current and resistance continuity. A large easy-to-read auto-ranging display has an analog bar graph that shows rapidly changing inputs and instructive annunciators for all the meter functions. The instrument is powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery and is equipped with a Type K thermocouple adaptor and a protective safety yellow rubber boot.

Pioneer Electric & Research

Pipe and Small Vessel Inspection

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The submersible InnerView 330 probe fits through a 1/3-inch (8.4mm) access opening to perform high-resolution inspection of piping and small vessels. Its sealed tip, which can articulate four ways and illuminate the target area circumferentially, has eight interchangeable viewing adapters. The InnerView’s flexible probe shaft comes in 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft and 60 ft lengths. Two ergonomic knobs on the probe’s handset control the movement of the tip.

IShot Imaging