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BOC wins AEP special gas supply contract for Midwestern fossil-fuel power plants

MURRAY HILL, N.J., Aug. 1, 2001 — American Electric Power Company awarded BOC Gases a multi-year contract to supply EPA-protocol gases to all 16 of its Midwestern fossil-fuel power generating plants. The contract has an estimated value of $250,000.

BOC won the opportunity to bid on the AEP contract after demonstrating that it could consistently meet AEP’s stringent quality standards. For two years prior to contract negotiations, BOC submitted product samples to two AEP-designated locations for quality control analysis. AEP’s internal quality requirements are among the highest in the industry and exceed the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Under the EPA’s Clean Air Act Amendments, power generators must comply with strict emissions caps for limiting smog-forming pollutants.

The Columbus, Ohio-based AEP will use the gases to help monitor the plants’ stack emissions to determine how much NOx (nitrogen oxides), SO2 (sulfur dioxides) and CO2 (carbon dioxides) the plants are generating and releasing. Accurate stack monitoring is essential to achieving optimal electrical capacity while complying with EPA standards.

“Quality assurance came first, but it was only a piece of the puzzle,” said Siri Anne Gomes, emissions market manager, Special Gases, BOC Gases. “Our ability to provide a total gases solution — competitive price, quality assurance and reliable delivery — was critical to this win.”

BOC Gases provides a full line of gases and EPA-protocol gas mixtures enabling accurate calibration of stack monitors. The gas in every cylinder is certified accurate within + 1% of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reference materials. Gas mixtures are manufactured, analytically certified, and statistically validated in strict compliance with current EPA Protocol requirements.

American Electric Power is a multinational energy company based in Columbus, Ohio. AEP owns and operates more than 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity, making it America’s largest generator of electricity. The company is also a wholesale energy marketer and trader, ranking second in the U.S. in electricity volume with a growing presence in natural gas. AEP provides retail electricity to more than 7 million customers worldwide and has holdings in the U.S. and select international markets. Wholly owned subsidiaries are involved in power engineering and construction services, energy management and telecommunications. News releases and other information about AEP can be found on the World Wide Web at

BOC Gases is the world’s largest supplier of specialty gases. As the industrial and specialty gases business of the global BOC Group, BOC Gases has more than a century of experience supplying gases, equipment, and systems to customers worldwide.

The BOC Group (NYSE: BOX – news), which serves two million customers in more than 50 countries, is one of the largest and most global of the world’s gases companies. It employs nearly 43,000 people and had annual sales of nearly $5.8 billion in 2000. Further information about The BOC Group may be obtained on the Internet at