Intergen powers up Larkspur peaker facility in California

San Diego, July 13, 2001 — InterGen, today announced that its 90-megawatt Larkspur Energy Facility is up and running in San Diego, on schedule and in time to help meet California’s increased summer electricity demand.

The Larkspur plant is one of two InterGen facilities that comprise the Wildflower Energy Project. These plants were the first to be licensed under the California Energy Commission’s emergency siting process instituted upon Governor Gray Davis’ order to expedite electricity plants that can be on line by September 30, 2001. Larkspur is the first emergency facility through the expedited process to be constructed and in operation, and InterGen’s first generating facility in California.

On Monday, July 16th at 12:30pm, Governor Gray Davis and InterGen officials will hold a press conference to mark the dedication of the Larkspur Energy Facility and highlight the unprecedented collaborative effort that went into siting, licensing and constructing the plant in less than six months to respond to California’s urgent need for electricity.

“The opening of Larkspur is a major milestone for InterGen on two counts. With this facility we have made the earliest possible effort to respond to California’s energy crisis, and this will be the dedication of our first electricity generating facility in California,” said Carlos Riva President and CEO of InterGen. “We want to extend our most sincere appreciation to California’s elected officials, the CEC, the local community and the many hard-working construction and trades personnel for their commitment to work with InterGen to get Larkspur into operation quickly,” he added.

The Larkspur Energy Facility is located in an industrial zone within the City of San Diego. Clean-burning natural gas will fuel the plant, and best available control technology will be employed to reduce emissions. Larkspur’s site was chosen based on proximity and access to natural gas and connections to transmission lines on the state’s power grid. The gas supply and power sale for Larkspur will be managed through InterGen’s affiliate, Coral Power.

Within the next two weeks, Wildflower Energy’s 135-megawatt Indigo Facility in Palm Springs will join Larkspur in operation.

InterGen is a global power generation firm. The company is operating or building a total of nineteen power stations worldwide representing 13,210 MW. It also has projects in advanced development representing an additional 4,595 MW, and more than 9,000 MW in early stage development. The company has projects operating, under construction and/or in advanced development in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, China, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Australia and the Netherlands. InterGen is a Shell-Bechtel venture.

For more information, please visit the web site www.intergen.com.