DCH unveils new higher-power portable fuel cell platform

VALENCIA, Calif., June 27, 2001 — DCH Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-specific sensors, demonstrated its third-generation of higher-power portable fuel cells to U.S. industry at yesterday’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Conference in Diamond Bar, California.

The new fuel cell platform is distinguished by its unique simplicity in design and operation and for the power it can deliver in a very compact package — all keys to DCH’s strategy to developing safe, easy-to-use portable fuel cells for niche commercial and consumer needs. The unit demonstrated at the AQMD meeting stood less than 2 feet high with less than a 2.5 square-foot footprint yet delivered continuous 1 kW of power with peak power of nearly 2 kW.

DCH is targeting its higher-power portable fuel cells to markets such as remote field power, telecommunications back-up power, in-home and in-office back-up power, emergency response, and other applications where reliable, emissions-free electric power is critical.

Donohue chose to unveil the new fuel cell platform publicly for the first time at the AQMD “because the Air Quality Management District is on top of California’s commitment to clean alternative energy, and because we believe this new fuel cell platform can help solve some near term problems for commercial and industrial enterprises facing energy quality issues. It was enthusiastically received — we brought it down in the back of a pick-up truck, turned on the hydrogen flow of fuel, and it delivered power to several loads.

“Our technical focus is to have the simplest designs in the smallest possible packages for the power required,” said DCH President and CEO John Donohue. “This new product platform is an important achievement which we have privately demonstrated to several OEMs and now will aggressively showcase.”

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