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REV raises awareness of renewables tax credit bill

April 6, 2001 — Renewable Energy Vermont has launched a newspaper advertising and grassroots organizing campaign to raise awareness of a state bill, H.B. 376, that would offer tax credits of up to 60% for the installation of small renewable power systems.

The newspaper advertisement contains a resolution supporting increased use of renewable energy generation in general and H.B. 376 and its companion S. 169 in particular. The ad goes on to asks individuals who agree to sign and send it to their legislator

The bill would grant up to a 60% tax credit to a person who installs a renewable energy system on the premises intended primarily to offset the customer’s own electricity requirements. Until 2005, biomass systems and geothermal heat pumps would earn a tax credit of 30% and wind, solar and all other systems would earn a credit of 60%. From 2005, the credit would be ramped down until 2010, when it would be phased out.

The American Wind Energy Association will testify on H.B. 376 before the state House Commerce Committee at a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, April 11.

A copy of the advertisement and more information about the campaign and the text of the legislation is available at http://www.REVermont.org .