Midwest Generation joins Electric Power Generation Association

HARRISBURG, Pa., April 10, 2001 — Midwest Generation of Chicago has become the newest member of the Electric Power Generation Association (EPGA), the chairman of the generation group announced today.

Chairman W. Paul Ruwe, vice president of Reliant Energy, in welcoming Midwest Generation, said EPGA members now account for a total of approximately 86,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity, the bulk of it located in Pennsylvania. Midwest Generation is the owner of the Homer City coal-fired generating plant, whose three units total 1,884 megawatts of capacity.

“We believe Midwest Generation will be a strong addition to our membership, and we are looking forward to working with them,” Ruwe added.

“We’re particularly delighted with Midwest Generation’s decision to join EPGA,” said Douglas L. Biden, president of the seven-member generation group. “Not only does it bring all of the major electric generating companies in the Commonwealth under the EPGA umbrella, it also provides a firm foundation for us to reach our goal of being the voice of power generation in the Mid-Atlantic region.”

Midwest Generation, whose president is Ms. Georgia Nelson, is one of the largest power generators in the Midwest, and is part of Edison Mission Energy, one of the largest independent power producers in the world.

“Pennsylvania has been widely recognized as a national model for the restructuring of the electric utility industry, and in our judgment an organization like EPGA is a critical link to policymakers and the public as we all work together to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable supply of power,” said Doug McFarlan, Midwest Generation’s vice president for public affairs.

“Companies like ours have a special responsibility to be a constructive partner in helping to shape national energy policy, and EPGA is a respected voice for the industry that we are pleased to be working with.”

EPGA is a regional trade association of electric generating companies with headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Its members include Allegheny Energy Supply, Exelon Generation, FirstEnergy Generation Corp., Orion Power Midwest, PPL Generation Corp., Reliant Energy, and now Midwest Generation. These companies develop, own and operate electric power plants, and provide reliable, competitively priced electricity to the mid-Atlantic region. For more information visit www.epga.org or call (717) 909-EPGA.