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Salem Unit 1 enters 14th refueling outage

HANCOCK’S BRIDGE, NJ, April 6, 2001—PSEG Nuclear plant operators took Salem Unit 1 off line Friday in a move that makes its 14th refueling outage.

For the last 117 consecutive days, PSEG Nuclear’s three units, Salem Units 1 and 2 and Hope Creek, have been safely on line supplying electricity for businesses and residents in the Northeast.

“I am pleased with our performance through the first quarter of this year,” said Harry Keiser, PSEG Nuclear President and CNO. “We have set aggressive targets for 2001 and we are on track to exceed them. In our first quarter of this year alone, we have exceeded our safety targets, exceeded our cost targets, and operated at 100 percent capacity, generating approximately seven million megawatt hours of electricity. This performance is a result of our employees’ commitment to excellence.”

Salem Unit 1 had a 94 percent capacity factor during its past operating cycle, one of the best in its history, and generated approximately 13 million megawatt hours of electricity. Major work in the outage includes replacing approximately 1/3 of the 193 fuel assemblies and performing other testing and maintenance.

PSEG Nuclear operates Salem Units 1 and 2, two 1,100 megawatt pressurized water reactors, and Hope Creek, a 1,050 megawatt boiling water reactor. The three units are located on one site in Salem County, NJ, and together comprise the second largest nuclear site in the country.