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Issue 4 and Volume 105.

Vibration Data Collector

The lightweight Vibrascanner data collector features built-in sensors for a number of machine parameters: vibration acceleration; displacement and velocity according to ISO standards as well as Shock Pulse for bearing damage and lubrication condition; pump cavitation; process parameters; inspection codes; temperature; and rpm. Options for vibration spectrum and one-plane or two-plane balancing are also available.

Ludeca Inc.

Vent Diffuser

The WhisperFlo Vent Diffuser from Fisher Controls International helps achieve up to a 40 dBA reduction in noise levels at the diffuser exterior. Using the same aerodynamic noise abatement technology used in the WhisperFlo Trim for control valves, the vent diffuser addresses noise problems associated with vent-to-atmosphere applications. The diffuser utilizes laser-machined discs that are stacked and permanently fused into a rigid cage assembly.

Fisher Controls International

Portable SCR System

Nationwide Boiler’s portable selective catalytic reduction system, called CataStak, is available for use with virtually any package watertube boiler from 50,000 to 150,000 lb/hr. The CataStak low-temperature, low pressure-drop SCR can typically reduce NOx levels to 9 ppm or less. Ammonia storage is provided with three standard 150-lb cylinders that are easily replenished when depleted.

Nationwide Boiler Inc.

Rotating Shaft Guard

Orange Peel has introduced a full line of “Trim & Fit” shaft guards that replace the need for custom-engineered solutions. The base-mounted, close-coupled guards are made from high-density polyethylene plastic and are supplied with all stainless steel hardware. After initial sizing, the guards are simply trimmed to length and height using three easy measurements. Orange Peel guards are hinged and swing open for convenient coupling lubrication, inspection and maintenance.

Orange Peel

Self-Cleaning Water Filter

Orival’s self-cleaning water filters protect heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems. Line pressure powered, the filter cleans itself without external power and does not interrupt system flow. Individual units are available from 10-4800 gpm.

Orival Inc.

Boiler Control System

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Preferred Instruments’ BurnerMate boiler control system is a pre-packaged, fully metered combustion control, burner management and remote SCADA system. BurnerMate relies on the PCC-III Multiple Loop Controller for combustion control functions, an industrial hardened microprocessor for flame safeguard functions and a PC-based SCADA workstation for graphical monitoring and remote operation. An additional controller may be added for drum level, draft, flue gas recirculation, or variable speed drive controls or for monitoring of plant data acquisition points.

Preferred Instruments